As a brand-side strategist, agency consultant, and across personal projects, I have focused my work on the following areas of content and digital design:

Content Strategy


I have worked to create cohesive end-to-end content experiences to communicate brand messaging with action-driving intent. From longform editorial strategy to miniscule changes in CTA positioning, app design, and content marketing, I use content performance insights from regular experimentation to inform solution development.


Channel Synnergy


From aligning content development to help expand the spend opportunity of paid search to developing native social media content to push engagement metrics, I have organized content across multiple channels to synergize the language target audiences interact with.



My first digital obsession took the form of blog copywriting and content design when I created my first website, The Authentic Gay. I have since authored blogs, ad copy, interface content, and instructional forms across multiple projects and client sites. 


Information Architecture


Delivering an effective well-designed system of information is a crucial component of any memorable content experience. I am passionate about pairing data-driven search and user intent with taxonomic design, bringing visibility to the right content at the right time.



Search Engine Optimization is quickly transforming into a practice focused on search experience (SXO); matching user intent with a best fit solution that drives meaningful engagement matters more than links and text on page. I have worked to optimize the organic visibility across clients and projects to drive high-converting and actionable experiences.


Redesign Strategy


A brand’s website functions as the most direct form of messaging and experience. I have worked on site redesigns ranging from retail probiotic sites to cleaning brand sites, health blogs, and more. I have offered services including tactical content mapping, content audits, content gap analyses, A/B and multivariate testing for actionable and navigational site copy.