Renew Life | Content Audit

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To identify key areas of opportunity for Renew Life, a prominent probiotics retailer.

Content audit, content gap analysis, keyword research, user journey mapping, content templating, communicating with creative copywriters.

Despite having hundreds of blog articles covering topics relevant to Renew Life’s product and target audience, these pages were not acquiring any organic traction and were ineffective as content marketing assets. Through content templating research and observing the search landscape, I discovered that their approach in creating “snackable” short-form content was holding them back from optimal organic visibility.

Additionally, these resource pages were formerly comprised of heavy blocks of text, not divided out into subcategories or subtopics, and with no imagery. This resulted in low engagement rates and little time spent on page.

I designed a full content calendar with Renew Life’s creative team, working alongside their copywriter and digital strategist to design scalable content templates and outlines for successful outcomes. Many of these pieces (such as the one displayed to the left) are beginning to rank for target search terms and are increasing the non-branded organic traffic to Renew Life month over month.

We realized that the content experience had to change – the content needed to be more compelling, suggest real solutions to readers, allow them to navigate deeper into the site if they wished, alongside a number of additional realizations. My solutions was simple – to design the look and feel of our content to encourage the type of engagement the content needed.