Daymaker | Web-Based App Design

Event Page


To guide users through an immersive web-based app experience that allowed them to build curated days of events in Los Angeles. Visitors were brought onto the site through our top-ranking blog articles such as “Best Restaurants in Santa Monica,” and then exposed to call-to-action copy that lead them to interact with our day-building native tool.

From a content strategy standpoint, my objective was to expose the visitor to an authoritative and trustworthy tone that was uniquely “Daymaker,” and guide the user through a process that eventually converted them into users of the app.


App copy ideation, longform content marketing, social media synergy and amplification, SEO, instructional content strategy.


To capture relevant audiences, I went where the search demand for “things to do” terms existed – I created content that ranked first page in Google, above the fold in Pinterest, and captured audiences on Facebook with CPCs sometimes less than 2 cents.

Once on the site, my strategy was to employ app-specific CTAs such as “add to my events” (allowing the user to save an event to their personal profile for later use). By slowly exposing the user to actionable copy, I was able to guide the user to build their own day.


I worked to classify and organize content that existed on event pages, blog articles, neighborhood (category) copy, and curated day pages. From user acquision, to user guidance through the website, to interaction with the app, I created a seamless content experience that not only dramatically increased our organic traffic month over month, but our returning users as well.

Category Pages


I organized the event pages by neighborhood and activity type, allowing users to “filter” results by setting preferred neighborhood(s) or activity type (such as music, sports, and so on).

Blog Articles


To capture visitors through organic search, I organized blog articles that showcased our event pages. The content on the blog articles displayed actionable content such as “create a day around this event” or “save for later,” showcasing the capabilities of the application.

Day Curation


My involvement with the user-generated curated days was a hybrid of visual and text-based user experience. I worked to give users the most flexibility in day curation while avoiding the confusion and frustration “pain points” a user might experience when encountering the limitations of the application.

Pinterest Content Creation


Pinterest proved to be a lucrative long-term solution to drive social traffic to the site. I was able to curate a distinct “Daymaker” Pinterest aesthetic that linked to blog articles. I gained organic above-the-fold Pinterest rankings for target terms, such as “Restaurants in Santa Monica” displayed to the left. During my last few months at Daymaker, the pins I had created were driving tens of thousands of organic monthly visitors to Daymaker’s blog articles.