Clorox Professional | Design and Creation of Pathogen Learning Center

Landing Page

To create a learning center primarily for a B2B audience who is seeking information that contextualizes CloroxPro products in relevant settings. For this strategy, I chose the “Pathogen” category, seeing as it would appeal to a healthcare setting audience such as long-term caregivers, hospital workers, hospice employees, and more.

Pathogen Research, Product Research, Copywriting

A major business focus for Clorox Professional products was outlining how they could be used to eradicate pathogens and bacteria that could live on non-human surfaces, and have the potential to transmit disease without proper sterilization. I was tasked with auditing the interest and demand behind pathogen topics, and do the research necessary to write about these viruses.

In planning a space to talk about surface-spread pathogens that CloroxPro products could effectively neutralize, I was also tasked with designing the site architecture for this portion of the redesigned site. There was a need for a filterable learning center where site visitors could apply selections based on their interest.

This content strategy started with consideration of what the audience needs, motivations, and interests are, and later introducing real solutions to help solve business problems, such as maintaining a clean healthcare environment. Today, these articles contribute a great deal of organic traffic to CloroxPro, while the easy-to-use architecture of the learning center encourages audiences to find out more information that might appeal to them.

Norovirus Example

MRSA Example