Brita Water Filters | Product and Resource Content Overhaul

What We Filter

To provide site visitors clarity on which contaminants and heavy metals Brita products filter out, while staying current on the recent growing concern over pharmaceutical impurities and industrial chemicals leaching into drinking water.

Additionally, this task also included an overhaul on some of Brita’s resource content, specifically with regard to creating pieces around dehydration and the quality of drinking water, just to name two.

Informational Copywriting, Keyword Research and Demand Evaluation

Researching current trends of search interest in water impurities was at the forefront of the strategy behind building the “what we filter” page. This required validation with the subject matter experts to determine what claims could be made, and to what degree the filters remove certain substances.

With regard to the water quality and dehydration content, I made these (along with other) recommendations due to the alignment these topics provided between the product and brand’s mission, and audience interest and demand for those subjects. Ultimately, the thinking was that in answering the questions real people have with solutions our product could provide, we could encourage consideration of Brita products among target consumers.

After launching these pages, Brita experienced substantial increases in organic traffic (year over year), increased time spent on page, and longer site sessions (users navigating to multiple pages in one session).

Choosing the Best Drinking Water

The Dangers of Dehydration